SUMMER 2021 

Dead Period – Saturday, July 3 – Sunday, July 11 

A defined length of time in which no contact takes place between school coaches/directors of MSHSAA-sponsord activities and students enrolled in the member school, or who will be enrolled in the member school during the next school year.  Further, during the dead period school facilities are not utilized by enrolled students in connection with any sport nor activity governed by MSHSAA.  The dead period is a “no school activities time”; no open gyms, competitions, practices, conditioning, weight training; no activity-related functions or fundraisers, camps or clinics at school facilities or sponsored elsewhere by the school; no coaches/directors or students may have planned contact other than casual, normal community, non–activity contact.  While there may be sports activities during this time, they must not involve the school coach, the school or school facilities. 

Summer No-Contact Period – Monday, August 2 – Sunday, August 8

The seven days prior to the first allowable practice date for the fall season shall be a seasonal no-contact period in which no “contact” as defined in By-Law 3.15.1.c takes place between school coaches of MSHSAA sponsored fall sports and students enrolled in the member school, or who will be enrolled in the member school during the upcoming school year.  Further, during this period, athletes for the fall season shall not attend any specialized sports camp involving the applicable sport.  

By-Law 3.15.1.c – Definition of Contact Day: 

A day of contact is defined as any date on which any coaching or instruction in the skills and techniques of any sport takes place, regardless of whether activity-specific equipment is used.  Any of the following would count as a day of contact – competition, practice, review nor chalkboard sessions, open facility, camp/clinic, group lessons, private lessons.  Conditioning/Strength activities will “not” count as a contact day, as long as the activity adheres to the provisions outlined in By-Law 3.14.7.a.e.  Simply being at a school facility will not count as a day of contact unless both coach and student are there and the sport (as defined above) is taking place.