Indians News · Senior Boys Soccer Tribute

Thank you to the 2019-2020 senior group of soccer players. You guys brought so much to the program with your leadership and your passion. You showed up to practice early and worked hard every day to make your team better. Thank you for making the transition for me from assistant coach to head coach easy and enjoyable. You guys understood the importance of giving it everything you had, while also having fun. The bus rides back from away games listening to you guys sing many different songs (off-key) and watching you come away with a victory on Senior Night were some of my favorite memories. I hope that you guys have learned as much from me in the past four seasons as your Head/Assistant Coach as I have from you. I know that each and every one of you has the tenacity and passion to go on and be successful in everything that you do. I can’t wait to hear of the amazing things you guys do after high school. Thank you to Taco, Sui, Andrew, Alex, Randy, Senyo, Cian, Connor, Chris, Caleb, Joseph, and BT.