Girls tennis · Central Girls Tennis vs Oak Park

The Central Tennis Girls were back on the court for the second day in a row taking on the Oak Park Northman in this season’s first conference match. In another highly contested battle, the Lady Indians were able to pull out most of the close matches to win 6-3.

Starting off the doubles play was the sizzling Number One Doubles Team of Eugenia Rodriguez-Savage and Bailey Colgan. Having each other as partners have made these two really in sync with how each other play, and they used that syncability to coast to victory winning 8-3.

At the second doubles position was the pairing of Alisha Gupta and Shelby Marquardt. These two found themselves in a big hole early and did what they could to get back into the match, but were unable to pull it out in the end, losing 4-8.

At number three doubles was the new dou of Caitlin Eivins and Kate Proper. These two had great communication all match and played some really smart tennis, using that to secure the victory winning 8-3.

Starting off singles at number one was Eugenia Rodriguez-Savage. After a thrilling and highly intense match last night, Eugenia was able to come out of the gate fired up with her new found confidence, resulting in a comfortable victory, winning 8-2.

Coming in at number two singles was Bailey Colgan. Bailey started out strong, but was unable to find the right shots late. This resulted in a loss of 6-8.

Third up at number three singles was Alisha Gupta. Alisha had trouble with the pace of her opponent and had no rhythm in her return game, letting herself get down early. Midway through the match, she was able to put on the brakes and reverse her course to finish out on a high note, winning 8-6.

At four singles was Lauren Anthony. This match had an eerie resemblance to Lauren’s first match agaisnt Platte County, but this time around she was able to turn the tables and come from behind to win 9-7.

At five singles was Emilia Rodriguez-Savage. Emilia did a good job of continuing the Indians theme of putting oneself into an early hole. Give her credit though as she was able to climb out of it, ultimately sending this one to a tiebreak, but in the end it wasn’t meant to be, losing 8-9 (1).

In the final singles match of the day at number six singles was Shelby Marquardt. Shelby had a rough go of it in doubles, but didn’t let that affect her as she came out very consistent and determined to put that loss behind her. She was able to do that in roaring fashion, winning 8-0

With the conference season now upon the Indians, coach Castronovo likes how his team is trending up in the right direction.

“Today we played a very similar match to the one against Platte County. A lot of long and close matches, but the difference was our girls came out determined to be a core consistent team and one that closed out the key points. Oak Park hung with us the entire match and I’m very glad we were able to grind out this victory.”

The Indians are riding high and will look to use that confidence going into the next match against a very good Park Hill South team.

The Lady Indians will be away at Park Hill South at 4pm on Thursday September 17.

Central – 6
Oak Park – 3

Doubles – 2-1 Indians

1. Eug Rodriguez-Savage/Colgan (Indians) over Michael/Sander (Northman) 8-3.

2. Murphy/Ellison (Northman) over Gupta/Marquardt (Indians) 4-8.

3. Eivins/K. Proper (Indians) over Billings/Terell (Northman) 8-3.

Singles – 4-2 Indians

1. Eug Rodriguez-Savage (Indians) over Michael (Northman) 8-2.

2. Murphy (Northman) over Colgan (Indians) 6-8.

3. Gupta (Indians) over Ellison (Northman) 8-6

4. Anthony (Indians) over Sander (Northman) 9-7.

5. Billings (Northman) over Emi Rodriguez-Savage (Indians) 8-9 (1).

6. Marquardt (Indians) over Terrell (Northman) 8-0.