Boys Varsity Tennis · Central Boys Varsity Tennis vs Park Hill

The Central Boys Tennis Team took the court today for their first home match of the season against Park Hill. The wind was yet again a factor in this matchup, but the Indians were able to hang tough and somewhat master the wind to pull out a 6-3 victory.

Starting at the 1st doubles spot was the pairing of River Flaska and Jonathan Le. These two had a tough time getting settled in during the opening set, but were able to win a lot of the close points when it really mattered in the latter stages of the match; ultimately winning it 4-5(5), 4-2, 1-0(8)

Starting at the 2nd doubles spot was Lucas Cebulko and Clayton Mikesch. Both Lucas and Clayton used some aggressive tactics to put pressure on their opponents which created easy opportunities at the net. They used these to win this one, 5-4(3), 3-5, 1-0(3).

Starting at the 3rd doubles spot was the pairing of Luke Ensign and Jake Adkins. These guys had a tough time finding their way into the match and ultimately did not have enough to win this one, losing 4-5(3), 3-5.

Singles play followed the close doubles matches.

At 1st Singles was River Flaska. After seeing his opponent in the final of last week’s tournament, River knew he would again be in a close match and a close match it was. Ultimately, River found his consistency late and closed it out, winning 5-4(5), 4-2.

At 2nd Singles was Lucas Cebulko. Lucas struggled to find any kind of rhythm due to the amount of short points, but he was able to find the right shots at the right time, leading him to victory winning 4-2, 5-3.

At 3rd Singles was Luke Ensign. Luke had a very tight match all the way through, but he was able to use his experience and gritty attitude to pull this one out, winning 5-4(3), 2-4, 1-0 (6).

At 4th Singles was Clayton Mikesch. Clayton played probably his best match of the early season, but ultimately did not have enough in the tank in the end, losing 5-3, 2-4, 0-1(7)

At 5th Singles was Jonathan Le. Jonathan found himself in a big hole early, but he was able to find his swing and rhythm, using both the make it a comeback win, and ultimately taking the victory 1-4, 4-0, 1-0(9).

At 6th Singles was James Foster. James played in his first singles match of the season and unfortunately it was not meant to be today as his execution at times wasn’t there, ultimately losing 2-4, 1-4.

Today was a very solid day for the Indians, as they were able to pull out a majority of the close matches and come away with a victory.

“With this being both a conference and district opponent, I knew the opportunity was there for us to show that we are capable of big things as a team this year. If we play like this in these close matches and continue to show grit and presistance, we have the chance to go far. I’m excited to see what the rest of the season has in store.” – Coach Castronovo

The Central Indians Varsity team will play next on Wednesday, April 7th at their home tournament, The Central Invitational, which has been moved to Genesis Health Club in St. Joe due to the likelyhood of inclement weather. Play will begin around 7:30am.

Varsity – 6-3

Doubles – 2-1
1. Flaska/Le def. Matthys/Smith 4-5(5), 4-2, 1-0(8)
2. Cebulko/Mikesch def. Slaggie/Compton 5-4(3), 3-5, 1-0(3)
3. Stammler/Kirtley def. Ensign/Adkins 5-4(3), 5-3

Singles – 4-2
1. Flaska def. Matthys 5-4(5), 4-2
2. Cebulko def. Compton 4-2, 5-3
3. Ensign def. Slaggie 5-4(3), 2-4, 1-0(6)
4. Smith def. Mikesch 3-5, 4-2, 1-0(7)
5. Le def. Stammler 1-4, 4-0, 1-0(9)
6. Kirtley def. Foster 4-2, 4-1