Indians News · Central Girls Tennis beats Kearney 6 – 3

6 Saint Joseph Central High School
3 Kearney High School
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Saint Joseph Central High School vs Kearney High School
6 3

The Lady Indians started their second week of matches with a tough one against a strong Kearney team. This day came with some cold air and strong winds, but the Central Tennis Team was able to whether the weather and win in close fashion, 6-3.

The match started with singles play and the Lady Indians were led off by their number one singles, Eugenia Rodriguez-Savage. Eugenia did all she could in the conditions to break down her opponent, but fell just short, losing 6-8.

Second up at number two singles was Alisha Gupta. Alisha came out again with a hot start and was able to lean on that lead despite the conditions to win 8-5.

At number three singles was Bailey Colgan. Bailey came out determined to be aggressive and use the wind to her advantage by keeping the ball deep and finishing most points at the net. This led to her finishing out the match comfortably, winning 8-5.

At four singles was Caitlin Eivins. Caitlin, playing in her first singles match of the season, had problems with the wind and put herself into a big hole early. Even though she fought hard to get back on track, it just wasn’t enough in the end, losing 6-8.

At five singles was Kate Proper. Kate found herself in quite the battle with almost every game being traded back and forth. Ultimately, Kate was able to find that fifth gear and get that final game, winning 8-6.

In the final singles match of the day was Shelby Marquardt. Shelby had herself quite the battle as well with multiple games coming down to the final point. With everything she had, Shelby was able to fight her way to victory, winning 9-7.

Next came doubles play and starting at one doubles was the rock solid duo of Eugenia Rodriguez-Savage and Bailey Colgan. So far, these two have gone undefeated and were able to use the same formula that has led to that, winning 8-2.

At the second doubles position, the Lady Indians featured another new pairing, Alisha Gupta and Caitlin Eivins. These two unfortunately found themselves in a hole early on and just couldn’t get the push they needed to climb out of it, losing 3-8.

Last to finish were the number three doubles pairing of Lauren Anthony and Kate Proper.  These two had a very slow start, but thanks to some good fortune and more of an aggresive mindset late in the match, the girls were able to mount a comeback, winning it 9-8.

The girls were able to ride on their success from the earlier singles matches and use that to secure the win in doubles.

“Having days like these when the weather is cold and the wind is whipping, it can be hard to motivate oneself to bring everything you’ve got even if your body isn’t willing. Our singles lineup was able to do some really nice things and thankfully that propelled us to getting the win. Give credit to Kearney as well because they hung tough with us all afternoon and had they gotten a few of the close matches, this could have been a different result.” said Coach Castronovo.

The Indians will look to continue their success heading in to both the Varsity and Junior Varsity tournaments this Friday.

Varsity will be playing in the Benton Tournament in St. Joseph with matches starting at 9am.

Junior Varsity will be playing in the Park Hill Novice Tournament in Kansas City, MO with matches starting at 8:30am. 

Central – 6
Kearney – 3

Doubles – 2-1 Indians
1. Eug Rodriguez-Savage/Colgan (Indians) over Dunn/Shepherd (Bullsogs) 8-2.
2. Dillon/Holst (Bulldogs) over Gupta/Eivins (Indians) 3-8.
3. Proper/Anthony (Indians) over Wait/Walker (Bulldogs) 9-8.

Singles – 4-2 Indians
1. Dunn (Bulldogs) over Eug Rodriguez-Savage (Indians) 6-8.
2. Gupta (Indians) over Dillon (Bulldogs) 8-5.
3. Colgan (Indians) over Shepherd (Bulldogs) 8-5.
4. Holst (Bulldogs) over Eivins (Indians) 6-8.
5. Proper (Indians) over Wait (Bulldogs) 8-6.
6. Marquardt (Indians) over Walker (Bulldogs) 9-7.